Monday, June 17, 2013


Surfing is the process of viewing sites submitted into rotation by other registered members. For every site you visit on a 20-second timer you'll get one visitor back to your site.
One credit is the same as one visitor to your site. Each credit you earn can be exchanged for one visitor to your page.
Banner/text ad impressions is the number of times a banner/text ad is rendered for viewing. One impression is equivalent to one opportunity to see an ad.
Banners and text ads are shown to all members when they surf member sites and also inside the members' area.
The Exchange ratio can be 2:1 or 1:1 at EasyHits4U. Surfing with a 2:1 ratio will earn you 1 credit for two viewed sites on a 15-second timer. With a 1:1 ratio you earn 1 credit for each view site on a 20-second timer. Premium members receive a 1:1 ratio on a 15-second timer. We recommend that members use the surfing option with a 2:1 exchange ratio, if they want to earn cash and bonuses faster. Use a 1:1 exchange ratio to earn more credits.
If your auto-assign ratio is 50% then
– a credit of 0.5 goes to your account balance (as "unassigned" credits which can be assigned to your site later)
– a credit of 0.5 goes towards your Web site balance (as "assigned" credits; 1 credit is equal to 1 visitor).
So, in fact you are getting 1 credit for every site you visit on 20 second timer. Also you can change your auto-assign ratio on the "Settings" page.
For example, if it is equal to 100%, then all earned credits will be assigned to your sites automatically.
If it is equal to 0%, then all earned credits will be accumulated on your account balance and can be assigned to your sites later.
While you are surfing you are given surf drawing tickets for the current day's drawing. Ten lucky surfers receive a $1 cash bonus each, ten surfers receive 500 credits each, ten surfers receive 5000 banner impressions each, and ten more surfers receive 5000 text ad impressions each. When the drawing is made at the time of the server restart, winners automatically receive email notifications about their prizes. After that, all old surf drawing tickets are voided and a new drawing starts. More surfing = More drawing tickets = More chances to win!

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